A Better Way to Forecast: Predictive Supply Chain

Predictive Supply Chain cover

A New Approach to Planning, Executing and Managing Your Supply Chain

Many departments and activities in a company are influenced by sales and inventory forecasts. Yet, everyone knows that sales forecasts are at best, not very reliable indicators of what will happen in the future. With that, how can you manage your supply chain operations when you’re starting with known unreliability?

There is a better way — a predictive supply chain approach to planning, executing and managing supply chain activities. It can be characterized by:

  • Integrated use of historical operation performance metrics, along with sales and production/buying forecasts
  • More formalized review/adjustment cycles informed by frequent data updates (use your technology to provide key metrics and visibility) translated into operating and customer service implications
  • Robust execution tools and methodologies, including better use of or better-integrated systems, along with pre-determined predictive models, allow for improved and proactive monitoring and execution flexibility
  • Review and staffing of the required number of skilled Supply Chain management personnel

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