The Inbound Impact: Network Evaluation Approach

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A Swiftly Evolving Landscape for Inbound Freight

Traditionally, the choice of distribution centers primarily hinged on costs of outbound transportation, quality of service, and fixed and variable facility expenses. Yet, for import-reliant businesses, a significant shift is underway.

Rising energy prices and limited shipping and rail capacities are driving up the cost of importing goods, making the expense of inbound shipping a crucial consideration in choosing distribution center locations.

How do the changes in the dynamics of inbound and import freight costs and options impact critical factors when evaluating facilities and transportation networks?

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  • Common Factors To Consider When Evaluating a Company’s Distribution Network
    • DC Operating Costs and Inventory Investment
    • Outbound Transportation Expenses (To Stores or Customers)
    • Customer Service Levels
    • Future Growth Potential
    • Existing Leases
    • Labor Considerations
    • Costs of Relocation
    • Taxes and Tax Incentives
    • Inbound Freight
  • Inbound Freight — Drayage and Fuel Surcharge Increases
    • Significant Outbound Transportation “Savings”
    • Panamax and Post-Panamax

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