The Dual Supply Chain: The Remedy for Business Continuity?

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Balancing Lean Practices with Risk Management for a More Robust Supply Chain

Significant supply chain disruptions appear to be increasing in both frequency and severity: natural, accidental, and deliberate.

Sourcing and distribution trends increasingly rely on robust supply chains, global outsourcing, centralized and third-party distribution, specialization in manufacturing and materials, and Lean execution.

However, most companies are ill-prepared to understand and manage downside risks in balance with the gains to be realized with Lean. We have found that business continuity and Lean, approached in balance, can be mutually inclusive and complementary. A key success factor in achieving effective Lean performance in light of supply chain vulnerabilities is differentiating avoidable versus necessary waste to provide reasonable assurance against disruption.

While Lean practices reduce waste, balancing them with comprehensive risk management ensures agility. Only 30% of large organizations have robust business continuity plans, highlighting the urgency for preparedness.

Is your supply chain ready for the unexpected?

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