Global Design Optimization for Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid is an American manufacturer and distributor of home and food storage products. While the company is best known for producing food storage containers, it also produces trash cans, sheds, step stools, closets and shelving, laundry baskets and other household items. Rubbermaid maintains a large network of distributors, dealers and resellers across the US and Canada.

The Challenge/Opportunity

In the consumer goods industry, the mantra is efficiency — streamlined processes, reduced costs, and maximized productivity. Rubbermaid, a venerable player in this industry, embarked on a bold mission. They aimed to standardize their warehouse management operations across eight strategically located North American facilities, but this wasn’t merely about upgrading their existing systems; the company set its sights on a grander vision. 

Rubbermaid sought to establish new business processes grounded in industry best practices, with a clear objective — to reduce inventory and operating costs. To make this vision a reality, they needed a strategic partner, and they found it in Scott Sheldon.

The Solution

The Scott Sheldon team leveraged our Global Design Methodology to identify improvement levers, manage the overall program and accommodate an aggressive timeline.

Our Global Design Methodology streamlines implementation as it sets and enforces standard operating procedures, system configurations, metric measurement and financial reporting.

Our supply chain engineering team managed all program planning, systems design, implementation, support and program/project management activities. These responsibilities included the setup of a program team, executive-level communications, budget management, change management processes and risk management. Additional responsibilities included the integration of various sortation systems and the implementation of an integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solution, which uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

The Results

The project was completed successfully in 28 months and exceeded the expected benefits. Each location documented productivity improvements, helping align Scott Sheldon as a long-term partner.

Reduced Cost in Indiana

Reduced Cost in Texas

Reduced Cost in Ohio

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