Demand Planning Technology Solutions for Gorton’s of Gloucester

Gorton’s is one of America’s iconic seafood brands that has been in operation for over a century and a half. Not only does Gorton’s produce fish sticks and other frozen seafood for the retail market in the United States, but they also have a North American food service business that sells to fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s. As a leader in the food manufacturing space, supply and demand planning is essential to streamlined operations on a large scale.

The Challenge/Opportunity

In the world of seafood, the supply chain is a complex and dynamic ecosystem. Before contacting Scott Sheldon, Gorton’s was facing a multifaceted challenge. The leading frozen seafood provider was struggling with supply and demand balance due to significant changes in market conditions, rapidly changing customer requirements, high SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) growth and the retirement of key resources. The timing was right to implement new demand planning processes with a world-class technology solution.

The Solution

Scott Sheldon developed and executed an action plan consisting of two work streams. In the first work stream, we worked with client staff to define and implement a formal S&OP process. In addition to the implementation, Scott Sheldon actively participated in the first three planning cycles to support the S&OP manager in driving participation, data quality, ownership and alignment of KPIs. The second work stream was the implementation of supply chain planning software.

“Scott Sheldon was responsible for solution design, configuration, interfacing with host systems, testing and training of demand planners. The software as configured provided forecasting and planning capabilities that far exceeded existing spreadsheets and PC-based solutions, as well as providing a common set of demand data, reports and analytics to drive the S&OP meetings.”

The Results

The results of this strategic transformation were both impressive and transformative. Within just six months, Gorton’s experienced a remarkable surge in forecast accuracy, marking a significant improvement. The impact was also felt on the balance sheet, with labor productivity increasing significantly. However, the financial gains didn’t stop there. Inventory reductions exceeded expectations, demonstrating the financial prudence of this solution.

The partnership between Scott Sheldon and Gorton’s set a new standard in demand management. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of comprehensive supply chain planning and execution driven by technological innovation and strategic expertise. The transformation streamlined Gorton’s operations and positioned them as a leader in the seafood industry, capable of navigating the complicated seas of supply and demand dynamics.

Analytics reporting

Improved Forecast Accuracy

Improved Labor Productivity

Digital twins

Reduced Inventory

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