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Kinaxis Probabilistic Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) by Wahupa

A low-risk, low-cost entry point to advanced planning.

Optimize Inventory, Enhance Service and Lower Costs

History, averages and standard deviations have been used for years to calculate cycle and safety stocks. Patterns were predictable, but they aren’t anymore. Volatility is driving uncertainty. Companies are overcorrecting by carrying more inventory than needed — driving up costs and creating waste.

You need new math to quantify the uncertainty. Kinaxis Probabilistic Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) by Wahupa quantifies the uncertainty and helps you trade excess inventory for free cash flow without compromising your commitment to service — so you can reach your strategic, financial and service goals while removing waste from your supply chain.

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Manage underperforming service models.

Modern supply chain networks contain complex constraints not modeled in existing planning systems. Leverage precision to determine true inventory requirements across all product types, including slow-moving parts.
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Differentiate service levels.

All products do not need to be stocked equally. Determine how to achieve the optimal service level for individual products without excess inventory.
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Find the right tool for the right system.

Apply the right levers to maximize the potential of your inventory. Mix. Staging. Postponement. Different tools for different industries for optimal results.
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Forecast the unforecastable.

Manage a non-normal distribution to determine the actual demand to make predictions, which allows for previously “unforecastable” long-tail items to contribute maximum margin.
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Balance competing objectives.

Balance service objectives against competing business goals through optimization to determine the trade-off between inventory and service level and create a unique curve for each product and location to determine the best mix.
Recurring Savings

Implement now for fast ROI.

Achieving the right inventory mix across all products frees up a significant amount of working capital quickly providing a prompt return on investment.

About Wahupa

Wahupa is on the leading edge of modeling uncertainty that is present in every forecast, plan and schedule. Where most existing planning offerings on the market fight uncertainty, we embrace it!

The results?

  • Increased stability, measured as reductions in costs from waste, expiry and expediting
  • Increased sales and margins
  • Getting out of fire-fighting mode

Scott Sheldon

Implement with Scott Sheldon: A Certified Kinaxis Implementation Partner

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Winner of the North American Demo Challenge
Global Certified Kinaxis Training Partner
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Why navigate probabilistic MEIO with Scott Sheldon?

Uncertainty is what we know. Our team’s real-world experience across industries gives us the tools and context to navigate uncertainty and change with organized precision and confidence that extends to you and your team.
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Real-World Experience

Our supply chain engineers promote strategies based on years of real-world business and technology experience. They’ve worked in the industries that we serve and have witnessed firsthand the supply chain challenges that hold businesses back.

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Adaptability to Change

We help companies gain the flexibility to adjust to the changing landscape of business and the volatile world of supply and demand while staying true to their core beliefs.

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Engineering-First Mindset

We’re engineers first and consultants second, dedicated to empowering our partners and improving their bottom line through quantifiable, measurable solutions.

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1st Kinaxis Customer Experience Center in the Midwest

As the first Authorized Kinaxis Training Partner and the 2023 Kinaxis Value-Added Reseller Partner of the Year, we are proud to offer specialized Kinaxis training and implementation support from our state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center in Northeast Ohio. 

Request a Kinaxis Demo

Interested in how Kinaxis can transform your supply chain? Request a private software demo held in our Customer Experience Center in Northeast Ohio or virtually. Our hands-on pilot sessions allow businesses with serious intent to run through scenarios for proof of concept.

Kinaxis Training

Leverage our Kinaxis-specific resources and technical capabilities to drive exceptional outcomes for your business. We offer the following types of training from our Customer Experience Center:
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Transform Your Supply Chain with Scott Sheldon + Kinaxis

Achieve supply chain agility and transparency with Scott Sheldon, where we’re obsessive about customer success. We can help grow your confidence in Kinaxis and adopt new processes to transform your supply chain and your business.
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June 17-20, 2024 | Miami, FL

This premier global supply chain event brings together 60+ speakers and a large community of exhibitors ready to discuss the latest innovations in supply chain planning and execution. As a Certified Kinaxis Implementation Partner, Scott Sheldon is a proud sponsor of Kinexions 2024. We hope to see you there!