Industries We Serve

As a Certified Kinaxis Implementation Partner and Value-Added Reseller (VAR), Scott Sheldon is an expert at driving supply chain process improvements and organizational transformation across industries. Our team has real-world experience with the challenges these markets face, making us the best equipped to take on your complex technology-related supply chain projects.


From navigating materials shortages, to managing the complexity of vehicle options, to collaborating with suppliers across all tiers, Scott Sheldon has the solutions to move the automotive industry into the future. The Kinaxis Rapid Response Platform is utilized across the full Automotive ecosystem of Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers and Aftermarket parts suppliers to improve forecast accuracy, compare real-time scenarios for improved decision making and streamline supplier collaboration.

Consumer Products

Scott Sheldon empowers consumer products companies to leverage market and retailer data to make more informed decisions. Kinaxis software transforms the retail planning process to account for challenges such as product transitions, seasonality, increasing costs and more. By refining supply chain planning processes and relying on data to tell a story, we help clients achieve operational excellence.

Food & Beverage

Understand the impact of any change or disruption in your plans instantly with full-level pegging so you can see where and how your supply network is impacted, whether it be at the finished goods, WIP, raw materials, or capacity level. We help enhance visibility, improve forecast accuracy and optimize inventory investment with Kinaxis supply chain planning software.

Life Sciences

Scott Sheldon prioritizes effective inventory management, advanced technology adoption and insightful analytics to help companies deliver essential medical, pharmaceutical and consumer supplies swiftly and transparently. Our approach optimizes cost efficiency, reduces cycle times and enhances operational transparency for pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, medical supply companies, and consumer products distributors.


Scott Sheldon facilitates the rapid and seamless distribution of high-tech products, expertly navigating component constraints and inventory challenges as we’ve seen with the recent chip shortage. By leveraging advanced technology solutions and optimizing the management of raw materials, parts and finished products, we enable high-tech companies to streamline operations, reduce costs and remain competitive with new product launches in fast-paced markets.

Industrial Manufacturing

Scott Sheldon helps anticipate and mitigate industrial supply chain challenges such as inventory stockouts, material shortages, increasing costs and more. Through strategic planning and innovative solutions such as streamlining supplier collaboration, we equip industrial manufacturers with the tools needed to adapt, thrive and maintain seamless operations in dynamic environments.

Wholesale Distribution

Scott Sheldon drives supply chain efficiency and enhances end-user reach for wholesale businesses. We leverage Kinaxis software in our strategic focus on inventory optimization and planning for seasonality. Our long-range planning tools empower clients to expertly manage assets, minimize costs and maximize operational performance across the supply chain.

Why Scott Sheldon?

A Certified Kinaxis Implementation Partner and Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Drive supply chain visibility, strategic network-wide coordination and cross-domain optimization with Kinaxis — backed by the experience and knowledge of Scott Sheldon’s supply chain engineers.

Real-World Experience

Our supply chain engineers promote strategies based on years of real-world business and technology experience. They’ve worked in the industries we serve, which means they’ve witnessed firsthand and have a deep understanding of the supply chain challenges that hold businesses back — even Fortune 500 companies.

Adaptability to Change

Good reputations are earned by consistently delivering measurable and quantifiable results. Maintaining that reputation requires the flexibility to adjust to the changing landscape of business and the volatile world of supply and demand while staying true to your core beliefs.

Engineering-First Mindset

We’re engineers first and consultants second, dedicated to empowering our partners and improving their bottom line through quantifiable, measurable solutions. We have a unique ability to integrate business processes and technology disciplines seamlessly.

A Solid Reputation in Supply Chain Consulting

We drive bottom-line financial results for our clients by optimizing their supply chain performance. See what they’re saying.

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