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Supply Chain and Logistics White Papers

Our supply chain and logistics white papers offer extensive research from our subject matter experts who innovate supply chain practices in a variety of industries.

We propose new ideas and apply theories connecting the past to the present and future of supply chain and logistics. They will get you thinking about the value of best practices and industry trends; you might even take away a thing or two that are applicable to your supply chain planning and logistics strategy.

Current Challenges in Wholesale Distribution

Current Challenges in Wholesale Distribution

From the outside looking in, the wholesale distribution business appears to be a pretty simple and straightforward business. 

Distributors purchase or consign goods from manufacturers, store them in inventory and then pick pack and ship.  Simple right?

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Wholesale Technology

Wholesale Distribution Trends in Technology

Traditionally, the wholesale distribution industry has been slow to adopt new and changing technology when compared to direct-to-consumer, retail and third party logistics companies. 

Typically, within the four walls of a wholesale distribution warehouse, we’d see lots of old “green screen” technology in use.


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Inventory Optimization

Reducing Excess & Obsolete Inventory

It is said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” The opposite is also true.

If you have recently toured your manufacturing and warehousing facilities, you have probably seen Excess & Obsolete (E&O) inventory. It is the material in the corner of the plant awaiting rework that is never prioritized. It is the box with an extra layer of dust on top mixed in with the regular production inventory.

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Predictive Supply Chain

Why Doesn't Forecasting Work?

Many departments and activities in a company are influenced by sales and inventory forecasts. Yet, everyone knows that sales forecasts are at best, not very reliable indicators of what will happen in the future.

With that, how can you manage your supply chain operations when you’re starting with known unreliability? Look, we all know forecasts are seldom accurate!

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Predictive Supply Chain

The Inbound Impact!

Network Evaluation Approach

Over the past few years we have performed detailed facility and transportation network assessments for our clients and trends keep emerging that greatly affect the methods we use to perform these assessments – The impact of inbound freight.

 It was always the outbound transportation, service levels and facility fixed and...

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Dual Supply Chain

The Dual Supply Chain

Is it the Remedy for Business Continuity?

Supply chain leaders face a growing challenge:

  • Significant supply chain disruptions appear to be increasing in both frequency and severity: natural, accidental and deliberate
  • Sourcing and distribution trends are increasingly reliant on robust supply chains: global outsourcing, centralized and third party distribution, specialization in manufacturing and materials...

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