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A Smarter Way from A to B.

Complexity is the enemy of efficiency and a five-star review.

5 Star Review

That is why the Scott Sheldon team of Supply Chain Engineers work collaboratively with your people, plans, locations and systems in the existing chain to discover efficiencies and cost reductions that may have been out of reach in the past.

Scott Sheldon delivers rapid decision making solutions to ensure your supply chain network is optimized and aligned for the future.>

At Scott Sheldon, our core guiding principal is a relentless pursuit of driving complexity out of your supply chain operations.  Complexity increases cost and risk while reducing performance.

Our proven supply chain optimization solutions are designed to bring rapid analysis and results to enable quick business decisions.  We have successfully completed over 100 supply chain optimization projects for customers of a variety of sizes and industries.  Our comprehensive tool set and professional consultants will ensure a quality deliver and exceed your expectations.

Managing Risk & Complexity

All companies struggle with supply chain complexity.   Complexity can be a result of long lead times, variables in demand,  inventory availability, and much more.    Reducing complexity drives down risk, lowers cost, and improves customer service levels.   Our capabilities and experience will significantly reduce complexities within your supply chain.

Optimize your current-state supply chain assets while assessing future-state alternatives and impacts.   Evaluate conditions such as new acquisitions, growth within certain markets, dual-source operations, supply and demand alignment, and more.   Our seasoned supply chain engineers have many years of real-world experience to ensure practical and achievable results.

Trending Services

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Kinaxis RapidResponse

Kinaxis RapidResponse is the only platform capable of powering true concurrent planning

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Distribution Center Automation

We are currently engaged with several client projects to assess DC automation alternatives such as VLM, Robots, Modules and ASRS. 

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Supply Chain Resiliency

Our network analysis tools and methodologies provide the ability to financially model supply chain impacts and alternate scenarios.

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