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How Scott Sheldon Works with Kinaxis®

As a System Integrator and VAR partner of Kinaxis®, Scott Sheldon provides deep domain expertise with full-service capabilities across all domains of supply chain operations and industries.

We strategize, blueprint, design, build, customize and deploy concurrent supply chain planning solutions based on the RapidResponse platform. 

With dedicated Kinaxis support and our certified Kinaxis engineers, we’ll further leverage the power of concurrent planning through RapidResponse™ with value-added, custom solutions, designed specifically for your business creating an environment unique to your needs while extending the capabilities of your investment.

Our Approach

Our clients are our partners.  From assessing, choosing, strategizing, blueprinting, configuring, customizing, implementing and RapidResponse™ support - The Scott Sheldon team not only consults, we do the work, allowing you to focus on what you do best, while we take what you do best and make it better.

We are members of your team and the expertise and bandwidth you need for a full project life-cycle experience and successful implementation.

Data Quality

With multiple data silos and manual entries, data inaccuracies continue to multiply over time without using a single source of truth.

With millions of data points to manage in supply chains, systems that mange or generate this data vary from ERP’s to CRM’s and without a single source of truth, each of these systems have differing versions of the same data making collaboration incredibly complex, increasing the level of risk.

Our expertise and approach to your unique operations and complexities will improve operations, forecast accuracy, and collaboration from the board room to the shop floor; with your suppliers and your customers.  

Why Scott Sheldon vs. Others?

Scott Sheldon is a comprehensive service supply chain engineering firm - meaning, we do the work for you. 

From data cleansing and modeling, to process optimization, and leading employee collaboration, down to specific software training for each supply chain function within your organization. 

Filling the gaps and leading your organization to an integrated planning and response system and single source of truth.  We don’t just hand you the keys. We teach you how to drive.

Change Management

A successful business relies on three key components: People, Processes and Technology.

Managing change skillfully is arguably more important than the change itself.


Removing bias and emotion, Scott Sheldon cultivates a positive mind-set removing the hesitation and frustrations that many business leaders face in the change management process.

Successful change management is dependent on those leading the change.

 Your supply chain is constantly changing and so are people. New technology implementations can disrupt the working environment and resistance is a natural reaction.  Managing this uncertainty is our top priority, and every individual in your company is a stakeholder in change.  Enabling your workforce to adapt, grow and succeed through effective communication, collaboration, education, and support is how we unite and foster a culture willing to embrace change.


Project Management

Studies show that the percentage of enterprise level systems implementations that fail is reported to be between 60%-70%. The two critical factors being – On time completion and within budget.

The lack of experienced project managers is the single biggest contributor to cost overruns, delayed milestone achievements/go live, and failure to meet user expectations.

Obtaining a broad understanding of your business, department functions and business expectations and goals; Scott Sheldon is your best resource for a successful RapidResponse implementation:

From detailed task level project plans, dependencies and timelines, task follow up and reporting, prioritization, estimation and scheduling, risk analysis, training and collaboration -- Delegation, fostering cooperation and getting the best thinking out of your stakeholders and employees, Scott Sheldon is the way to implement better.

Risk Management

If not identified and addressed early, organizations will face multiple software implementation challenges and risks. Inadequate resources, poor change management, and substandard data and integrations will result in workflow disruption, process breakdown, efficiency and productivity loss, derailing your company’s budget and suppressing your ROI on RapidResponse.

Mitigating risks and staying ahead of threats with actionable insights, Scott Sheldon will help you avoid implementation challenges and the subsequent consequences such as cost overruns, software rejection, data  corruption, process discontinuity and delays.

Data Management

Data Architecture

Aligning business goals with technology.

Scott Sheldon outlines how your data is collected, integrated, transformed and used in RapidResponse, delivering a robust infrastructure creating insight and value.

Data Modeling
Data Quality
Data Integration

RapidResponse is the only concurrent end-to-end planning platform and is recognized by Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ as a leader in supply chain planning solutions.


Start planning with accuracy and deliver exactly what your customers want.  From one platform, demand planning with RapidResponse provides advanced statistical forecasting and cross-functional collaboration using inputs spanning all internal and external units.

Reduce risk and forecast with greater accuracy, staying ahead of the shift in demand with sensing capabilities. Make informed decisions through collaboration and visibility, while minimizing costs and elevating customer satisfaction.


Is RapidResponse™ Right for You?

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