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Our History

Tactical. Practical. Strategic. Sensible. Consultants Consult. Engineers Do. We’re engineers first and consultants second, dedicated to empowering our partners and improving their bottom line through quantifiable, measurable solutions. From the factory floor to the fleets on the ground, from the loading dock to the boardroom [and all points in between], Scott Sheldon Supply Chain Engineers promote strategies based upon years of real world business and technology experience.

Scott Sheldon, LLC has consistently embodied a history of progress for many Fortune 500 companies - a proven track record for reducing enterprise risk, managing volatile input costs, optimizing inventory turnover and warehouse slotting through positioning and deployment, assessing manufacturing operations and converting to a more cellular approach, and most recently guiding our partners through the new frontier of cloud based enterprise resource planning. We are the brains in your chain.

Scott Spyker

“Our customers are our partners; their bottom line and project goals are our priority. Throughout our history we’ve not only set new performance standards for our own industry, but also, more importantly, raised the performance standards of our customers’ industries.”

—Scott Spyker, Founder and CEO

Recognized Nationally for Success

Accolades don’t come easy, especially in the volatile world of supply and demand. Good reputations are earned by consistently delivering measurable and quantifiable results. Maintaining that reputation requires the flexibility to adjust to the changing landscape of business while staying true to your core beliefs. We place a high premium on this fact. At Scott Sheldon, LLC, it’s our guiding principle.

Scott Sheldon Supply Chain Engineers are nationally recognized for doing it all and doing it well. We guarantee our supply chain solutions will:

  • Optimize capital and reduce costs
  • Extend the lifecycle of current assets
  • Optimize the global supply chain and reduce enterprise risk
  • Equate to savings five times the ROI
  • Save 10% in Network operating costs
Local Firm. National Strides.
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